Effective communication is key to customer acquisition and retention. In a world where customers have unlimited options at their fingertips, clear and compelling copy is a necessity.

When you know it is time to hire a copywriter:

  • You sit down to write something for your business and two hours later you have perfectly organized and cataloged your vacation pictures from last year but have zero words on your screen.
  • Your website is boring. Don’t worry, we’ve all had that moment when we look in the mirror and realize something has to be done.
  • You have a list of good ideas for blog posts, but just don’t have time to write them.
  • You get a panicked feeling when you realize you haven’t updated your company Facebook page since this time last month. Then you spend an hour trying to think of what to post, only to get 5 views and 0 likes.
  • Writing takes away time from you doing your core business function.

Let me help tell your story, so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.


Web Package
About page
Sales/Services page
1 email (either a welcome email for new subscribers or sales email to your current email list)
1 round of revisions

Social Package
Blog post with corresponding social media post
Page description for Facebook
5 social media posts with suggested release schedule
1 round of revisions

à la carte
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