Hello, I’m Bethany!

Writing about myself is about as comfortable to me as having my picture taken. Yes. Shocker, I’m a photographer that doesn’t like to be in front of a camera.  I like to think that this helps me relate to my clients, but that’s probably just me trying to make myself feel better.

I’m a photographer, a business woman, a creative at heart, a mom and wife (when did I become old enough for that?!) and probably a lot of other things that feel awkward to write.

I started this business because I found this space where I can use my creativity to make people feel good about themselves and also pay my bills. What’s the best part of my job? Being with people on the happiest days of their lives – when they get married, when they meet their child for the first time, when that same child is five and finally stands still for a picture – and giving them pictures to remember these moments.

My love of photography

I got my first DSLR in 2012 because I was about to travel to Qatar for work and I wanted to be able to have nice pictures. Before the trip, I started taking pictures of friends and family (and my dog Sophie… so many pictures of Sophie) as a way to learn my camera and quickly discovered that I loved photography. Six years later, I’ve taken thousands of pictures honing my style.  I love being able to make people feel beautiful by capturing real life emotions. After all this time, my favorite subjects are probably still my pups.


I’ve trained Lou and Fitzwilly to pose for me on the couch whenever they see my camera. One of the many reasons I like them better than most humans.

4 thoughts on “Bethany

  1. Martha Barton says:

    So very happy for you and wish you much success! Clients will be blessed to have you on their team!!
    Martha Barton


  2. Michelle Segrest says:

    Bethany is a true professional! She embraces her special gifts and shares them with the world through her photography, writing, and marketing genius. She is an absolute delight to work with and delivers way beyond all expectations!


  3. Akerman says:

    Bethany, thank you for taking pictures during my surprise engagement party. So glad you were there to capture all the beautiful moment, will be able to cherish my memories with the moments you captured. Looking forward to your bright future in photography!


  4. Lesley Gleason says:

    Bethany has been one of my best friends for over 10 years! She did an awesome job promoting and branding her last department while getting to see the world. So proud to see her passion for photography and design turn into a full time job. She took our engagement pictures over a year ago and I still smile as I see her work displayed around my home. Call her for any of your photography, branding, marketing, or design needs. You won’t regret it.


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