Ramona Russell, PR Expert & Coach

Ramona and I go way back… when we met Obama was unpacking boxes at the White House, Instagram didn’t exist, and I was still highlighting my hair (blonde wasn’t a good look for me).

I worked as Ramona’s intern basically trying to soak up all of the awesomeness she radiated on a daily basis.  Flash forward eight-ish years and the dream team is back together again.

Ramona is a phenomenal PR Expert and Coach. When we started working together, she knew that she needed visual content to brighten up her social media posts, something that would get her more interaction and show off her personality, but she just didn’t have the time to design it herself. That is where I came in. Ramona sent me the professional photos of her and her fur baby Clyde (love him), and then I read through her website and blog looking for content to use with the images. The result was an 8 image series designed for social media to highlight the reasons why Ramona should be your PR Coach.

The result? More likes and retweets than ever before and increased interaction on her Facebook.

Looking for help with PR? Not anymore. Visit Ramona’s website: ramonarussell.net


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