Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue – Fostering Campaign

Dog rescue is a cause very near and dear to my heart. After adopting our dog Fitzwilly from Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue, I truly appreciated the value of foster families. They serve as a transition from the shelter to a forever home; I speak from experience when I say that fostering is a labor of love, but so rewarding.

For rescues, the math is simple, more fosters = more dogs saved. The problem is convincing people to foster is hard, so we created this campaign to help combat that disconnect.  The goal of the images was to help people understand the tangible benefits that dogs get from having a committed foster home.  The designs include a facebook cover photo, a series of graphics for social media, and a design for a printed flyer. All of the dogs are Cypress Lucky Mutt alumni that I took pictures of before they were adopted.


Facebook cover photo


D(This is my fur baby Fitzwilly. Isn’t he friggin adorable?!)

Visit the Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue webpage to read more about their mission, see adoptable dogs, and to donate to help save more adorable puppies (cue the Sarah McLachlan music).

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