When you ask your husband to take pictures of you…

One of the big things I preach to clients who ask me to create visual assets for their business is that you have to have high-quality pictures – pictures of you, your business, your product.

Now flash forward to present day me trying to put the finishing touches on my website. I have some awesome pictures a photog friend of mine took for me, but I really needed pictures of me in my office to complete my website. Time to practice what I preach and get personal high-quality pictures.  However, there were several problems with this:

  • I’m used to being behind the camera. Immediately when I get in front of the camera everything I tell to my subjects (chin down, relax your eyes, hide the floating hand) immediately escapes my mind and double helpings of awkward is all that is left.
  • I’m the photographer, and I can’t be behind the camera and the subject matter at the same time (yes I realize my camera has a timer function, but that would have been wayyy to much work).
  • My hubby is the only other living being with opposable thumbs in the house, so looks like he is the photographer.
  • I’m convinced Mark and I must think with different sides of our brains. I learned early on that we shouldn’t try to explain technical things to each other based on a very poor experience navigating with him on a road trip.

But alas, it had to be done, so I straightened my hair, put on some makeup, found my best ‘casual, but approachable’ outfit, and sweet talked Mark into taking pictures for me.  What commenced was the most awkwardly entertaining 20 minutes of my day. While looking through these pictures, just imagine eye of the tiger playing on loop and Mark saying “let out your inner tie-guh (tiger)” whenever I didn’t know what to do with my hands.




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