Texas Premier Sporting Arms – Clays & Champagnes

I recently had the pleasure of photographing a birthday party at Texas Premier Sporting Arms. You are probably thinking “a birthday party… at a shooting range?” My thoughts exactly, until I showed up. Rebecca, the on-site event planner had everything planned and decorated beautifully. It was the perfect girls’ day – learning how to shoot, a catered four-course meal, champagne and good friends.

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When you ask your husband to take pictures of you…

One of the big things I preach to clients who ask me to create visual assets for their business is that you have to have high-quality pictures – pictures of you, your business, your product.

Now flash forward to present day me trying to put the finishing touches on my website. I have some awesome pictures a photog friend of mine took for me, but I really needed pictures of me in my office to complete my website. Time to practice what I preach and get personal high-quality pictures.  However, there were several problems with this: Continue reading