Look fabulous, get noticed.

I empower entrepreneurs and small businesses to showcase the best version of themselves. I make your product/story/business come to life with striking images, compelling copy, and consistent marketing strategy.


Bethany is a creative genius! I am always amazed at how she comes up with the most brilliant ideas and makes it look so effortless. She is a mind reader when it comes to her clients and the series of images she created for me have blown up on social media and garnered me a ton of buzz. In addition to Bethany’s incredible work ethic and professionalism, she is hilarious, kind and compassionate and lives a life that gives back in so many ways. I feel so blessed to know and work with her.

Ramona Russell, PR Expert

Bethany has an eye for design and images which captures our Mutts’ spirit through her photography.  She has created beautiful images for our website and marketing material for foster recruitment and donations. She has been a gift to Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue with her contribution of talent and love of fostering dogs in need.

Gina Evans, Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue